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Is a poor sleep life  getting you or your partner down?

You are not alone. Many of us take a good night's sleep for granted, unawaare that nearly 10% of the adult population suffer from a potentially life threatening disease known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

During sleep, for most people, the throat muscles hold the airwy open allowing for effective breathing overnight. But for some people the throat muscles relax to the point that the airway partially collapses, causing a reduction in airflow to the lungs. Or better said, they "stop breathing".

 OSA not only disrupts your sleep, but has been linked to high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, poor mental health... Even lost work productivity, increased car accidents, and reduced lifetyle.

 Genesis Home Medical Equipment offers a wide variety of OSA solutions including CPAP and BiPAP therapies and supplies.

ResMed S9 AutoSet™ CPAP System with H5i™ Humidifier

The S9 Elite features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system ...

ResMed VPAP ST-A with H5i Humidification

Intelligently protecting every breath... The VPAP ST-A with iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured ...

VPAP COPD with H5i Humidification

If you have COPD, you have specific needs to ensure you receive optimal ventilation and comfortable ...