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Our Services

Mobility Scooters, Hospital Beds and Incontinence Supplies

Genesis Home Medical Equipment carries a wide selection of home medical products and equipment including mobility scooters, hospital beds and incontinence supplies. The caring certified experts at Genesis Home Medical Equipment will take the time to make sure that each customer gets the products and equipment they need.

Offering a Wide Range of Services to Our Customers

Our customers may first come to us for equipment and supplies, but they keep coming back to Genesis Home Medical Equipment for the services and customer care that we provide. Genesis Home Medical Equipment services include:

  • Evaluation of client's home and business for wheelchair and equipment accessibility
  • Time and labor involved with trial fittings and product sampling
  • Pressure mapping for proper seating system
  • Labor for warranty repair of defective products Reworking of denied claims
  • Preparing compliance reports for doctors and insurance companies
  • Product and technology training for physicians and therapists
  • Assistance with arranging for patient travel to and from the area
  • Cleaning of equipment
  • Loaner products while client's product is in for service
  • Respiratory health education to seniors in assisted living centers
  • Labor to build or assemble and test sophisticated mobility equipment
  • Instruction on equipment operation and safety to client, family and caregiver
  • Provide oxygen conserving devices for client's ease of portability of O2
  • Genesis Home Medical Equipment accepts Medicare assignment

How can Genesis Home Medical Equipment serve you today? Visit the online catalog to see more products and what Genesis Home Medical Equipment offers.